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TrueEnglishRose FanFiction
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"Sticks and stones may break our bones... but Bella will surely kill us."

What happens when an overprotective father sends his innocent baby girl to a private self-defense course run by a gay man?  Oh if he only knew what he was paying for!  Edward and Jasper aren't the only ones who have something to teach, seems Bella does as well... the art of patience.


They come from two different backgrounds and lifestyles, one simple, one fabulous, yet both know what it means to suffer.
Can they face the future together and learn to let go of their demons?
Can they find what it is to be Amazed?


While on a much needed vacation, Bella discovers that it's not easy to leave work behind... and that this time, she doesn't really mind.
An endearing tale of trust, growth and love... all because of one special little girl and one little word.


Jasper finds himself in a sticky situation while in the Playroom when his Master surprises him with an unconventional treat. Prompt from the wonderful ladies over at the Drabble Wars. E&J EPOV Slash. No under 18's.


Edward owns a fairground, drifting from town to town. Bella is a damaged soul, waiting to be saved. What magic did she weave into Edward's life when he met her? Can he save her in the way she needs? Rated M. All human. EPOV. DRABBLE WAR 2012


Summary: She’s been part of his life longer than she realizes. When he stakes his claim, will she let him in, or turn him away? Will she have a choice? Can she rise from the ashes?


Lucky Shot 

"Have you ever imagined something so beautiful, so enchanting that it must be a dream or a mirage?" Take a gaggle of small town gossips, the doctor's son, the mysterious new single mom, add in a lucky shot with a BB gun and watch what unfolds.